Accessories and Options for Motors


SEW‑EURODRIVE offers various optional protective measures which, when combined, provide optimal protection for the operation
of motors and gearmotors under special ambient conditions.

KS corrosion protection for motors comprises the following measures:

  • All retaining screws that are loosened during operation are made of stainless steel.
  • The nameplates are made of stainless steel Various motor parts are coated with a finishing varnish.
  • The flange contact surfaces and shaft ends are treated with a temporary rust preventive.
  • Additional measures for brakemotors.
Instead of standard surface protection, motors and gear units are optionally available with OS2 or OS4 surface protection.

This makes the gearmotors well equipped for operation under various ambient conditions.

On request, SEW-EURODRIVE motors and gearmotors
can be supplied with an integrated mechanical brake. The brake is
a DC electromagnetic disc brake that is released electrically and
applied with spring force. The brake is applied in case of a power

It meets the basic safety requirements. The
brake can also be released mechanically if equipped with manual
brake release. For this purpose, the brake is supplied with either a
hand lever with automatic reset or an adjustable setscrew. The brake
is controlled with a brake control that is either installed in the
motor wiring space or the control cabinet.

Additional options
Factory installed connector AFL/AFQ
Accessories and Options for Motors
for DRN series AC motors and AC brake motors. The installed AFL/AFQ connectors are based on industry standard
M22 (AFL) and M25 (AFQ) round power connectors. Prefabricated cable systems are available from a variety of suppliers
to simplify installation and maintenance.
encoder type EH / ES / EV
for DRN series AC motors and AC brake motors. SEW-EURODRIVE
incremental encoders output 1024 signals/revolution. They have two
signal tracks and one index signal track.
encoders are available as hollow shaft encoders, spreadshaft encoders
and solid shaft encoders with coupling. Signal output: TTL or sin/cos.
mounting device for type ES / EV
for DRN series AC motors and AC brake motors The motors can be
equipped with various encoder attachment fittings for mounting devices
from different manufacturers.
devices for encoders are intended for spreadshaft encoders with
an 8 mm (0.3 in) or 10 mm (0.39 in) center bore and for solid shaft encoders
(synchronous flange).
encoder type AV1Y / AV1H
AV1Y and AV1H absolute encoders are combination encoders. They contain
a multi-turn absolute encoder and a high-resolution sinusoidal encoder.
You can choose between an SSI interface or a HIPERFACE® interface for data transmission of
absolute values. The AV1H absolute encoder has an electronic nameplate.
cooling fan type VR / VS / V
series AC motors and AC brake motors can be equipped with a forced
cooling fan on request. A forced cooling fan is usually not required for
mains operated motors in continuous duty. SEW-EURODRIVE recommends
a forced cooling fan for the following applications:
  • Drives with high starting frequency
  • Drives with additional flywheel mass Z (flywheel fan)
  • Inverter drives with a setting range ≥ 1:20
  • Inverter drives that must also generate rated torque
    at low speeds or even when stationary
flywheel mass Z
series AC motors and AC brake motors can be equipped with additional
flywheel mass Z (flywheel fan) to facilitate smoother starting and
braking response from mains-operated motors. The fan gives the motor
an additional mass moment of inertia JZ. The flywheel fan replaces the
normal fan and does not affect the external dimensions of the motor.
series AC motors and AC brake motors can be equipped with a backstop
if required. The backstop is used for protecting equipment against
reverse movement when the motor is switched off.
canopy C
for DRN series AC motors and AC brake motors. Liquids and/or
solid foreign objects can penetrate the air inlet openings of motors when
motors are mounted vertically with their input shaft pointing downwards.

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