MC series industrial gear units are especially compact helical and helical-bevel gear units.
In process engineering plants, large axial and radial forces occur at the agitator shaft during mixing processes. Traditional
designs solve this problem with separate, external bearings that take on the function of the agitator shaft bearings. SEW-EURODRIVE’s
new “EBD” concept features reinforced bearings within the gear unit itself, which means that in many cases separate bearings
are no longer required in the agitator or that the gear unit does not need to be oversized.
MC series overview
MC industrial gear units with extended bearing distance “EBD”
Powerful: Output bearings with high load-bearing capacity and reinforced output shaft, e.g. for mixers, agitators, surface
Flexible: Different output flange dimensions can be adapted to the gear unit using defined interfaces; one gear unit design
can be both foot and flange mounted; applications include wet, dry and hybrid cooling towers.
Available: Short delivery times due to stocked components and the unique, international assembly network of SEW-EURODRIVE
Helical gear units and helical-bevel gear units of the compact MC series with extended bearing distance (EBD)
  • Available in 8 sizes

  • Reduction ratios from 7.1 to 112

  • Torques from 53,000 to 570,000 lb-in

  • EBD 2 output shaft for high radial loads and high axial loads: Ø 95 to 180 mm diameter

  • EBD 1 output shaft for moderate radial loads and higher axial loads: Ø 80 to 125 mm diameter

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