Browning IRA Syncrogear Worm Gearing

This is a range of worm and worm/helical right angle enclosed gearing available as gearmotors and C-face reducers. They offer torque capacities up to 3,500 inch pounds. ​​​​​Housing designs include footed and flanged configurations. Gearmotors are available in three and single phase to 5 HP. Gearmotors can be ordered with fixed and variable speed motors in TEFC, wash down and explosion proof enclosures. Ratios available are from 7:1 to 350:1 in this product range.

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  • ​Torque range up to 3,500 In/lbs
  • Utilize same motor end as Series 3000 Gearmotors
  • Two double lipped oil seals at input and output shafts

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