Browning Shear Pin Hubs

Browning shear pin hubs are designed to shear a necked pin at a predetermined load. This protects equipment from overloads. Consisting of a hub assembly, a sprocket and shear pin, the shear pin bridges between the sprocket and hub assembly. The shear pin is available in load increments, so the closest one to your application requirements must be chosen. Resetting the shear pin hub is accomplished manually by replacing the shear pin. Best applied to applications where infrequent overloads are encountered. Torque capacity is up to 50,720 in-lbs.

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  • ​Bore Range – 0.38″ – 5″
  • Torque Range – 0.88 – 21,572 Lb-ft.
  • Precision-Tripping Torque – ±20%
  • Max RPM – 500

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