Browning Torq/Gard

Browning® Torq/Gard® overload clutches are one of the most popular torque overload devices that Power Transmission Solutions offers. A spring loaded cam follower seated in a single hub cam detent cause the hub and clutch to rotate together. Therefore, the clutch always resets in the same position if tripped, staying in phase. They can be turned in both directions by design. ​​After tripping, the unit automatically resets when it returns to the set position. This is usually performed by jogging the machine after the jam or overload is cleared. Shaft bushings are used to accommodate a standard maximum bore unit to the application shaft requirement. Torque capacity up to 8000 in-lbs, and speed ranges from 350-1800 rpm.

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  • ​​​Bore Range – 0.75″ – 2.44″
  • Torque Range – 1 – 675 Lb-ft.
  • Precision-Tripping Torque – ±5%
  • Max RPM – 900

Browning Torq-Gard