Browning Torque Limiters

The Browning® Torque Limiter is a spring loaded friction style torque overload device. The load on the friction pads is adjusted so that the process torque is transmitted. An overload torque in excess of the set torque causes the unit to slip. This prevents overloads from transmitting through the system. When the load falls below the set level, the torque limiter stops slipping and transmits the torque. A torque limiter does not maintain phase between input and output.

Although it is a similar size, the Browning Torque limiter has a higher torque density than the Morse Torque limiter. It is also well suited for applications that trip infrequently at high loads. It is most often used in a chain drive. A specially machined sprocket is inserted between the friction pads and acts as the slip interface. Torque capacity is up to 8800 in-lbs.

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  • ​Bore Range – 0.19″-5.12″
  • Bore Range – 0.5″-2.5″
  • Torque Range – 67-733 Lb-ft.
  • Precision-Tripping Torque – ±25%
  • Max RPM – 1400

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