Durst Turning Gears

Durst has decades of experience and generations of results. It is with this that we embark on our newest venture.

Utilizing an integrated approach that includes parts, service, troubleshooting and field repair, we are delivering results that contribute to the worlds demand for a steadfast supply of clean, dependable power. In supporting some of the largest turbine companies in the US, including GE Power Systems, and staying atop of the cutting-edge turbine expertise, we are able to produce a wide array of technological options.

Turbine manufacturers are investing heavily to improve turbine efficiency by reducing internal losses and by using improved construction materials. This process is ongoing, with high expectation of further progress. As a manufacturer, Durst has identified and corrected many deficiencies associated with this introduction of new technologies. This, along with the integration of key equipment, has allowed Durst to ensure that the timeliness and performance of turbine units and parts are at their highest standard.

Contact us today for more information on how to place an order. To better assist the transaction, please have your turbine number readily available. We look forward to doing business with you!​

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  • Improved Construction Materials