Jaure Barrel Couplings (TCB-TCB-HD)

Jaure® TCB® barrel couplings connect the cable drum with the gearbox output shaft. They are recommended for installation in:

• crane lifting mechanisms
• winch conveyors
• platform hoists

A statically indeterminate case exists when a gearbox output shaft is rigidly connected to the drum in a lifting mechanism. This type of mounting requires special care in alignment and leveling, which is difficult to achieve in the practice.

Mounting inaccuracies, as well as deformations in structures and wear in moving parts, lead to additional forces for consideration. In particular, the gearbox output shaft, which can be subject to alternative bending loads, can lead to breakage due to fatigue as well as faults in bearings and gear wheels.

The barrel coupling is installed between the gearbox and cable drum. It performs the function of an articulated joint. This makes the connection statically determinate and avoids the occurrence of high bending moments.

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