Jaure MT Gear Couplings

The Jaure MT range meets the AGMA standard, meaning that the MT coupling sleeves and drilled holes will fit any AGMA coupling halves. This ensures the interchangeability by coupling halves.

Standard and special designs couplings are available. These can be in any required size to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. The Jaure MT gear coupling is formed by two crowned hubs which engage a flanged sleeve with internal straight parallel teeth.

If shafts misalignment occurs, the crowned teeth hubs can oscillate in the flanged sleeve. It is impossible to have corner pressure even at maximum misalignment. The combined tip and flank centering and fully machined coupling ensure quiet operation. In case of high rotation speed (circumferential speeds exceeding 36m/s or sensitive supports to unbalance), we recommend dynamic balancing.

The teeth are machined with precision gear machines in a process which promotes uniform contact on all the teeth. Crowned teeth couplings are flexible enough to compensate all types of misalignments and axial movements. This includes axial, parallel offset, angular and combined angular offset. The MT gear couplings must be filled with grease periodically by the customer. This grease reduces teeth friction and wearing.