Kop-Flex PM (Paper Machine) Gear Couplings

Maximum rolling torques are normally expected at shaft misalignments not exceeding 1 1/2 degrees per gear mesh. For this reason, the maximum angle of 6 degrees is provided to facilitate machine maintenance. This permits the raising of driven rolls during shutdown for wire or felt changes. Maximum coupling life will be obtained when shaft misalignment is kept to a minimum.

Hubs and sleeve are manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel with nitrided gear teeth.

The unique all-metal seal ring is designed to provide an effective lubricant seal for the life of the coupling. This patented device grasps the coupling hub and adjusts radially within the sleeve’s seal ring groove, as illustrated. This provides a large volume of lubricant which is retained within the sleeve assembly, captured there by centrifugal force.

The recommended WAVERLY TORQUE LUBE-A lubricant, available from Kop-Flex, is an extreme pressure grease compounded specifically to resist the high tooth pressures found in curved face gear type couplings.

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