Kop-Flex Series H Gear Couplings

Higher Misalignment Capability: Sizes 1-7 compensate for up to ±1 1/2° static angular misalignment per gear mesh.

Minimizing operating misalignment will maximize the life of the coupling. Refer to the Installation and Alignment Instructions for alignment recommendations.

Larger Bore Capabilities allow the most economical size selection for shafts up to 10 5/8″.

Higher Torque Ratings due to larger tooth pitch diameters than other couplings.

Versatility in that Series H’s are interchangeable by half coupling with competitive coupling designs.

1 1/2° Curved-Face Teeth are a prime feature of the Series H coupling, sizes 1-7. The crowned hub teeth are a 20° full- depth involute tooth form with flank, tip, and root curvature. When used with the straight faced sleeve teeth, these 1 1/2 ° curved face hubs offer increased shaft misalignment capability.

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