Kop-Flex Slide Gear Couplings (FLS-FMS-SS)

FAST’S® Short Slide coupling

The FAST’S® Short Slide coupling is designed for drive systems that require greater end float or slide than a conventional application. This provides two to three times the slide of a standard coupling. The coupling uses standard EB sleeves with flex hubs modified for more end float. It also uses a stop plate designed to maximize the total slide by equalizing the slide in each half. A short slide flex half in one or both flex half couplings can be supplied for the following situations:

• spacer couplings
• floating shaft arrangements
• most coupling types

FAST’S® Medium Slide coupling

The FAST’S® Medium Slide coupling is designed for applications that require a large amount of slide. It is particularly suitable for disc refiners for the paper industry and bridge drives for overhead cranes.

A medium slide half is used with a FAST’S® or Series H flex half coupling and a stop plate, for a full-flex coupling. The Medium Slide flex hub has crowned tooth tips for piloting, and lube passage holes to minimize piston effect.

A Medium Slide half can be bolted to a FAST’S® Short Slide or a Series H Slide coupling half with a stop plate. This is for increased slide capacity. Spacer couplings, floating shaft arrangements, and most coupling types can be supplied with one Medium Slide half coupling.

FAST’S® Long Slide coupling

The FAST’S® Long Slide coupling is design for applications that require a very large amount of slide. It is used extensively in steel and aluminum rolling mills on coilers and in similar applications..

The hub counterbore provides the same normal shaft fit length. For applications requiring minimal shaft separations, the counterbore is reversed to provide an equivalent inner end shaft fit.

The Long Slide half may be bolted to either a FAST’S® or Series “H” Flex half.

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