Kop-Flex Standard Gear Couplings

KOP-FLEX® offers the widest array of gear coupling products in the industry. Every type of KOP-FLEX® gear coupling has specific features related to performance, interchangeability, and price.

  • Largest variety of gear couplings in the market covers the widest range of applications
  • 1 1/8 in (29mm) to 43.5 in (1.1m) shaft
  • 7,500 lb-in (0.8 kN-m) to 284 million lb-in (32 x 106 kN-m)
  • Slide – short, medium, long, and extra long
  • Overload release Shear Pin, Flangeless – Continuous Sleeve, Mill motor, Floating Shaft, Spacer, Cut-out, Shifter, vertical, double engagement, brake wheel, balanced, continuous lube, Alloy steel, and custom designed for specific application.