Kop-Flex Waldron Gear Couplings

IMPROVED SOFT SEAL offers superior sealing under misaligned conditions.

UNIQUE TOOTH FORIV using a 40° pressure angle, distributes the load over a larger area than couplings which use a 20° pressure angle.

FULLTOOTH ENGAGEMENT reduces uneven wear on teeth that results in longer life plus improved performance.

QUALITY EXPOSED FASTENERS consists of SAE Grade 5 bolts with hex nuts and lock washers. Installation is simple, without special tools. Shrouded bolts optional.

CLEAR RUST INHIBITIVE AND CORROSION RESISTANT FINISH protects coupling in normal industrial environments.

AVAILABLE OFF-THE-SHELF in reborables with large bore capabilities or stock finish bored.

OPTIONAL PILOT RINGS provides positive register between identical halves. Eliminates selective assembly required in male, female sleeves.

INTERCHANGEABLE by half coupling with competitive coupling designs.

HIGHER MISALIGNMENT CAPABILITY sizes 1-7 compensate for up to ±1 1/2° static angular misalignment per gear mesh.

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​WALDRON® couplings are available in the POWERLIGN series of flangeless gear couplings. This design transmits the same torque as the standard line. It also offers a more compact design, which is capable of running at higher speeds. This coupling design is ideal for applications where space is limited.

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