McGill CAGEROL Needle Roller Bearings

McGill® CAGEROL® machined race needle bearings are manufactured from bearing quality steel with contoured rollers, when beneficial. This helps reduce end stresses and allows for greater misalignment. The rollers are separated by a steel retainer (cage) to help achieve higher speeds and provide a lubricant reservoir. CAGEROL® bearings are constructed with a radial lubrication hole and a groove on the outer raceway. We also offer an optional inner raceway (MI-series) for relubrication through the housing or shaft.

Other options include a variety of seal configurations to either help prevent contaminate entry or contain the lubricant. Depending on your preference, these bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and options.

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​​Bearing Configurations
Separable or Non-separable Inner/Outer Raceway

Shaft Diameter Range
½” to 9¼” and 15mm to 235mm

Bearing Quality Steel

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