Morse M Clutches and Accessories

The M Series Clutch has a dual ball bearing supported design. It contains high quality steel cams in a cage. They are hardened precision formed and finished. The cam cage assembly is engineered for optimum performance and increased capacity. It is the most custom configurable and versatile clutch offered by Morse making it a workhorse in industry.

The dual bearing design maintains race concentricity to help provide the most uniform loading of the cams. ​The M series clutch is designed to mount on through shafts. They are secured to the shaft by a matching key provided with each stock bore clutch. They come standard as oil lubricated, but grease lubrication is available at no additional cost. This general purpose clutch is intended for backstopping, indexing and overrunning (inner and outer race) applications.

There are four different versions: MG, MI, MR and MO, each customized to specific applications. A full line of accessories are also available to accommodate many different applications:

• couplings
• torque arms
• stub-shaft adapters
• oil reservoirs