Morse Raider Plus Worm Gearing

Raider® Plus worm gear reducers represent the most flexible worm gear product in the Power Transmission Solutions portfolio. With a large variety of add-on accessories, the Raider Plus line of worm gear reducers is a problem solver. Four unit styles form the basis of this vast product offering. These are the universal style (“U”-style, shaft input) with an output shaft and the c-face style (“Q”-style, input quill) with an output shaft. Both the “U” and “Q” styles are also available with hollow outputs. The Raider® Plus worm gear reducer is designed as an industry interchange. It is dimensionally interchangeable with the major industry competitors.

The Raider Plus product line features a center distance range from 1.0″ to 6.0″ with ratios from 5:1 to 3600:1. It also contains an output torque range from 82 to 22,415 ft-lbs. Additionally, the line is an industry leader due to its patented design technology and manufacturing techniques. The product features are:

  1. Constructed of rugged cast iron housings
  2. Tapered roller bearings on output shafts – maximum reducer performance
  3. Input bearing on the “Q” style reducer – reduces wear/fatigue on input seal, maximizes seal life
  4. Computerized gear centering – optimizes gear mesh decreasing heat and debris
  5. Patented roll-burnished seal journal finish – extends life of seal
  6. Non-metallic quill liner – eases motor removal
  7. Factory-filled (1.0″ C.D. to 3.75″ C.D.) with polyglycol synthetic lubricant – enhances rating, reduces thermal rise, is FDA approved
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​Four major product offerings:

  • “U”- style with shaft output
  • “Q”- style with shaft output
  • “U”- style with hollow output
  • “Q”- style with hollow output

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