MOVI-PLC® Control Technology


Control technology “made by SEW‑EURODRIVE”

Solve many of your automation tasks flexibly
and effectively using control technology from SEW‑EURODRIVE. This
page gives you a brief overview of the universal and scalable controller
and software program that can be easily integrated into various
automation concepts in an effective and economical manner. It is
not relevant whether the movement requires free programming or whether
it can be implemented by a standardized application module.

The concept:

  • Universal and scalable hardware: Motion and logic controller
  • Free programming of applications with the MOVI‑PLC® motion
  • Easy configuration of applications with the Configurable Control
    Unit (CCU)

SEW‑EURODRIVE offers the freely programmable motion and logic
controller MOVI‑PLC® for solving complex
tasks in a flexible manner®. The scalable controllers are
the ideal solution platform as they make for universal operation
and functionality. Comprehensive interfaces are available for the
external periphery and for visualization to fully automate complete

For fast and simple startup, users can utilize preconfigured
program modules for many applications. The standard programming
languages FBD, LD, IL, and structured text ensure great flexibility.

MOVI-PLC®® always provides
the drive functionality matching the specific application. It can
be used whenever intelligent drive solutions are required, for example,
when a number of drives has to perfectly interact. MOVI‑PLC® controls
this interaction in a simple and flexible
manner® .

The various fields of application and mounting positions of
the MOVI-PLC®® offer the perfect
control topology for any requirement: motion control either modular
with an I/O system or as stand-alone component.

Motion control
With simple operation and a variety
of preset function blocks, the controllers allow for the efficient
implementation of motion functions, particularly when several axes
are to be coordinated. Since the axes are connected to a fast synchronous
system bus, all the motion control tasks can be taken over by one
In practice it is favorable in
many cases that I/Os, which directly depend on the motion sequence
or have an effect on them, are processed in the controller, for
example in the form of cam switches or touch probe events. In addition
to motion control, the controller then controls individual sequences
of sub-processes and automates a self-sufficient module of a machine.
Benefits: Less workload for the PLC, reduced response times, and
increased performance. Further, integrating functionality in the
controller can protect the company’s know-how and reduce the workload
when changing the central automation system.
Moreover, in conjunction with
the Drive Operator Panels (DOP) and the I/O system, all the components
required for an automation solution are provided – a drive with
suitable drive electronics, a control with a flexible I/O system,
as well as visualization. The stand-alone controller takes over
all the automation tasks ranging from motion control to sequence
Motion control with MOVI-PLC®® offers
three options that will provide functional solutions quickly and
easily for every application, irrespective of the complexity of
the task or the programming skills of the user.

MOVI-PLC® Control Technology


Function blocks: Versatile
combinations and flexible use
Direct access to blocks
that allow for a certain drive function provide the highest level
of flexibility. The function blocks are clearly arranged in libraries
according to their functions and inverter type. With some experience,
users can flexibly combine these function blocks to create the optimum
MOVI-PLC® Control Technology


Program modules: Optimally
combined for efficient use
The program modules comprise
bundled comprehensive drive functions. These can be simple functions
such as positioning, referencing or speed control, technology functions
for controlling a cam or synchronous operation, or functions for
multi-axis interpolations of kinematics. Once these program modules
have been integrated, the user merely has to concentrate on programming
the most important processes for their application. The program
modules conveniently provide the entire drive functionality via
one interface. This makes the program modules ideal for PLC programmers
who want to reduce the programming effort of the drive functionality.
MOVI-PLC® Control Technology


addition to a library for standard IEC functions, the MOVI-PLC®® provides a library with
function blocks with suitable drive functions for each type of inverter
to allow for efficient programming. They comprise the following
functions: Enabling the drive, presetting the speed, positioning,
referencing, as well as reading or writing parameters.
addition, there are libraries for technology functions such as synchronous
operation, cam, virtual master axis and cam control. These function
modules can be combined easily to create individual, tailor-made
The following technology
options are available:
  • Electronic gear (synchronous
  • Various synchronization modes and trigger sources
  • Master source can be switched
  • Offset processing
  • Electronic cam
  • Numerous trigger sources and master sources
  • Switching between several curves is possible
  • Online curve calculation
  • Virtual encoder with jerk-limited
    travel profile
  • Can be operated in different operating modes like a real drive
  • Two separate virtual encoders possible
  • As master value for synchronous operation and electronic cam
  • Cam switch
  • Three tracks with 4 cams each
  • Encoder source can be selected
  • 1 ms sampling time with delay time precontrol in a 100 μsec

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