P..2 Series: Helical-bevel planetary gear units (gearmotors)


P..2 Series: Helical-bevel planetary gear units (gearmotors)

Increase in torque of up to 26%

P series units are available in 11 sizes,
covering the 25 to 631 kNm torque range.

P..2 Series: Helical-bevel planetary gear units (gearmotors)


P series
P series is the ideal drive solution for machines with high torques
and restricted installation space.
gearmotor is directly coupled to the planetary gear unit:
Compact and cost-efficient:
  • No
  • No intermediate flanges
  • No adapter flanges
The torques of the individual
sizes were increased by up to 26%:
Rated torque now
ranging from 25 to 631 kNm.
Cost savings and optimization
of space by choosing smaller and more compact planetary gear units.
Applications for P gearmotors: Anywhere you
need to move heavy weights at a low speed.

Your advantages

  • SEW delivers a complete drive whose
    components are optimally matched.
  • Higher radial loads than comparable drive solutions.
  • A planetary gearmotor is more cost-effective than a stand-alone
    planetary gear unit, adapter, coupling, and motor.
  • A planetary gearmotor is more compact (shorter), as intermediate
    elements such as adapter flanges and couplings are not necessary.
  • A large number of variants ensures optimum adaptation to the
  • Finely graded gear ratios due to the high variance of the
    SEW gearmotor at the input end.
  • Short delivery times for standard variants of 4 – 16 weeks,
    depending on the frame size.
  • Standardized planetary gearmotors up to MN2 =
    631 kNm as catalog products.
  • The required data and dimension sheets for project planning
    are available immediately via comprehensive documentation (catalog,
    operating instructions).
  • Quick creation of 3D models and 2D dimension sheets in the
    freely accessible DriveCAD tool.
  • Comprehensive range of additional components available from
    the entire SEW modular concept.
  • Comprehensive worldwide sales and service network.
  • SEW as system and solution provider who supplies complete
    drive systems from one source.
Technical data
Gear unit design
Reduction ratios
Nominal torque MN2 [kNm]
Helical planetary gear
units (gearmotors) P.RF..:
4 and 5 stages
100 … 4000
… 631
Bevel-helical planetary
gear units (gearmotors) P.KF:
5 stages
140 … 4000
… 631

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