Rollway Tapered Thrust Roller Bearings

Our Rollway® Tapered Thrust bearings utilize crowned tapered rolling elements. These are separated by a machined brass roller riding retainer (cage) which are contained within precision ground shaft and housing plates. The self-centering action of the rollers helps counteract the gravitational effect of the roller assembly. This reduces the possibility of the roller assembly contacting the shaft. These attributes counteract the natural gravitational forces on the roller assembly when subjected to horizontal applications.

Tapered thrust bearings are intended for high axial loads (load parallel to the axis of rotation). There are 3 types of Tapered Thrust bearings available, TTHD, TTVF, and Self Aligning TTVF. Depending on your preference, these bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

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​​​​​​Bearing Configurations
Single Stage – TTHD, TTVF, Aligning Type

Rolling Element Style

Bore Diameter Size Range
4″ To 17″

Bearing Quality Steel

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