Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings

Sealmaster PN Gold mounted bearings come within a variety of 316 stainless casting or high strength composite housing configurations. They feature high phosphorus, electroless nickel coated steel inserts with patented seal technology. They are available with either setscrew or SKWEZLOC® concentric locking collars.

The high performance triple-lip seal is the latest innovation on sealing technology. The combination of stainless flingers and FKM lip materials provides strong defense against contaminant entry, GoldPlex® FG H1 food grade grease loss, and wear.

PN Gold mounted ball bearings are specifically engineered to provide outstanding performance for industries with corrosive wash-down environments. These can include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

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​​Housing Styles
Pillow Block, Flanges, Hanger, Take Up, and ER Styles

Locking Styles
Setscrew and Concentric

Bore Diameter Size Range
3/4” to 2 7/16”
20 to 60mm

Housing Material
316 Stainless Steel, High Strength Composite

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