Standard Roller Chain

Morse® markets roller chain featuring greater resistance and increased endurance limit. Morse® shot-peens its rollers to create a favorable state of compression residual stress on the surface. This process eliminates surface cracks and blemishes. The chain offered meets the standards required in the marketplace for many applications.

Roller chain is available from ¼ inch pitch to 2 ½ inch pitch. Morse® offers standard roller chain in multiple widths to 8 strands up to 2 inch pitch. Roller chain accessories such as connecting links are available in slip fit on the pins. This allows for easy assembly . They are also furnished with spring clip or cotter keys, depending on pitch. For heavy applications, we offer an optional connecting link. It has a removable plate with a light press fit on the pins. Regular offset links are used when a chain contains an odd number of links.

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