System Plast Serpentine Return System

​​Our System Plast serpentine return systems and components are made from impact resistant materials. They are highly resistant to chemicals and have self-lubricating characteristics. A urethane sleeve or ribbed under cover option is available for better traction, low noise and long service life. Other options include a completely solid version, plus side flanges for each type of roller.

ValuFlex is a patented, serpentine wear strip system that solves conveyor return problems associated with metal and plastic slat top chains and wide modular type belts. The ValuFlex system uses standardized parts that help reduce design and fabrication time. ValuFlex can be easily installed, new or retrofitted, without the use of special tools. The absence of moving parts means less noise, less wear, and significantly lower maintenance and replacement cost. As added benefits, serpentines increase the useful life of chains and provide increased chain stability at higher speeds. The serpentine pattern distributes wear evenly across belt surfaces, providing trouble-free service and increased belt life. Serpentine systems permit high speed operation by eliminating the pulsation inherent in some roller returns. ValuFlex is also used as a light duty support grid for lightly loaded, modular style belts and has been proven useful when used ​​

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